lovely bones

Jun 25, 2010

Lets Start from the beginning :)

I attended school late because i got to take a restest on my Bahasa subject, its my worse subject ever! Then i got to wait for the results to come out but no one told me that i can attend class even when im waiting for it . I have been going to the school asking for my result if it had come out until the day my friend messaged me . After taking my result im hesitating of seeing it although i knew that i could pass it yet afraid . Then soon after i received it i eagerly attended class . 
Everyone was all staring at me but no one approached me to talk with which i felt quite embarrassed . Everything inside the class was awkward that i felt such a newbie and frustrated .
The next day the same things were happening and Im down with myself that i blamed the STUPID COUNTRY for not letting the foreigners to skip their OWN SUBJECT ! Then i was summoned in the office to be questioned  why I'm in the class studying without telling them, well obviously Im studying ! also why do they have to make me feel really BAD ! that i went home bursting down with tears yet my worse horror my parents were infront me seeing me like that urgh ! i never cried in front of them for the past centuries ! only when I was  at 10 that was really long ago .
The following day my dad went to school with me to meet up wit the officers, he talked to everyone there and questioning them and they answered explaining with a different topics . the worse officer that he had talked with was the ahem ahem ( cant tell or give hints who the shit was ) my dad was talking and he kept on cutting in which was not appropriate in a way he should since he was working in that position and he taught us in year 8 . It really made me pissed that made me think that he doesn't even know whats courtesy is ! Also he's the biggest POKER FACE ! very hateful !
Anyway march 3 was his birthday and he had celebrated earlier since he had his exams these days . Ohh yeaaa , during these week i was still working in the office :) so every after lunch i went there and I'm with my work-mate :) every after work we went to jogged or sometimes to mall to chill out :D and I'm really relaxed.

Then i met a new FRIEND :) March 8 Her name is Danica keith Donesa. At first i thought she was a foreigner ,  a chinese thats half kano because she was really WHITE . hahaha xD then we've knew each more in the history class and we had so much in common too :)
we also exchanged stories which made us grew much closer to each other specially knowing that she's also a PROUD TO BE ONE FILIPINA ! and knowing that we had the same month and she's just a day older to me that's why we are so much alike too and got along real fast :D

Everything started from here and started to changed :) and still going . . .