lovely bones

Aug 21, 2010

20 AUGUST 2010
Me & my parents had saved a life :)
We were going to supasave as we head out from the house
then we stop at the spotlight as it is red.
Then i noticed the car beside us has a bird on the top of the door.
I asked my dad if its a real bird and got stuck on the door.
he replied me that is just a design.
My mom got shocked when she saw it too
and she asked the same thing to my dad 
and replied the say thing too.
But i wasnt satisfied as if like i dont wanna believe it and i was staring it the whole time 
until the bird moved as if its trying to fly but it couldnt as its stuck on the door.
I shouted in the car ,'Its a real BIRD! and its stucked'
I badly want to help the poor bird.
My dad helped me too,
so took the attention of the driver beside us by horning his car.
as in BEEP not really loud just normal.
then the driver looked and went out asking us what 
i told her that there's a bird stuck on the door.
As the driver was trying to let it free 
the stoplight turned green
and yeah we left not seeing the bird fly :/
i was worried but we saw the car behind us was the car where the bird got stuck
then it over take us and waved :) 
the bird was free :D 
helping a creature  :)
is wonderful :)